In 2009, Young Jack released his personal mixtape YOUNG JACK — this is when his career as a rapper was born. In the same year, Young Jack joined the D2 Family, partnering up with G.Mouse to form a group called D2.HARDWARE. In 2010, Young Jack had a solo show in XiaMen. In 2012, Young Jack won first place in an original music competition called New Voice, which propelled him even more into the spotlight. Young Jack went on to win the “Original Rapper” award at the 2014 Abilu Music Awards. Then in 2017, MDSK signed Young Jack to their record label, gaining even more fan attention. Most recently this year, Young Jack competed on one of the most popular rap shows in China, The Rap of China.

2009年,推出首张个人混音带《YOUNG JACK》,从而正式进入演艺圈 ;同年,加入D2 family,并与G.MOUSE组成团队D2.HARDWARE硬件。2010年,在厦门举行了个人的首场专场演出。2012年,参加“发现新声音”原创音乐大赛,获得全国总决赛冠军同录制了专辑《To Dream》。2014年,获得第三届阿比鹿音乐奖年度说唱音乐人奖 。2016年,获得第五届阿比鹿音乐奖最受欢迎说唱音乐人奖。2017年,满舒克签约了摩登天空旗下的MDSK之后,他的人气像坐上了火箭一样,急速飙升,也让他成为了没参加有嘻哈,但是人气不弱于从节目中走起来的rapper。2018年7月,参加爱奇艺综艺节目《中国新说唱