Vinida is one of the most recognizable female rappers among the new generation in China.

Vinida was influenced by hip-hop culture at the age of 13, Vinida began her music creation journey during college. She joined an underground rap group called Freedom Plant Music and recorded many singles during that period of time. Vinida is also the first rapper to bring hip-hop into the mainstream market in China. In 2016, Vinida participated in Sing! China where she gained popularity. Vinida won the “Most Popular Contestant” award while she was the contestant in Sing! China. Soon Vinida got signed by Modern Sky as her record label, becoming the very first rapper at Modern Sky.


万妮达13岁时就开始接触HipHop文化,大学期间开始尝试创作,并加入地下说唱团体Freedom Plant Music,创作和录制了多首说唱单曲