PO8 is a rapper, producer and audio mixer originally from Chengdu, who is also a student at USC. He is the founder of CYPHER and a well-known talented young artist in the North American international student society. His music infuses Jony J’s lyrics style and the rhythm of Beibei from HHH(红花会). The critics call him “the poet with a gun,” and a talented, good looking musician with a straight A school report. “Back To The Old School” and “慢慢升空 (feat. Akasia)” draws attention for this young rapper. “Cypher-洛杉矶” made him become the most influential rapper in international student society. Around five million people streamed his music after his second EP 诗眠| Insomnia was released. The most popular song “Shi Ren Shuo Meng” from this EP had 20 million views. His fan base grows fast because his effortless voice, comfort flow and poetic but trenchant phrase. His artist name PO8 represents poet and Luger pistol. He wants to use literary lyrics to express his point of view about the society and inspire the people to care about what happened in this world. PO8 did live performances 洛城兄弟 in Chengdu and L.A., and he was also invited as a guest artist in many hip-hop live performances. Meanwhile, he and his L.A. Cypher performed with Jony J, Guibian, Falao in L.A. and New York. They went on the JETLEG tour in six main cities in China. With great performing style, good appearance, and the experience of being an international student makes PO8 became the important artist-to-watch of Chinese hip-hop.


2015年,陈鸿宇创办了音乐组织“众乐纪”  ;同年,推出个人单曲《行歌》、《理想三旬》。2016年3月1日,推出首张个人音乐专辑《浓烟下的诗歌电台》;之后,与马雨阳举行“折腾”全国Live House搭车巡演 ;同年4月,凭借专辑《浓烟下的诗歌电台》入围“华语音乐传媒大奖”春季选优秀专辑奖 。2017年3月6日,推出第二张个人音乐专辑《一如年少模样》 ;同年,获得首届唱工委CMA音乐颁奖盛典年度最佳新人奖。专辑《浓烟下的诗歌电台》则获得最佳民谣专辑奖 。2018年1月17日,其演唱的歌曲《一如年少模样》获得硬地围炉夜·2017网易云音乐原创盛典年度十大热门单曲奖;8月,他还入选了福布斯中国“30位30岁以下精英”榜(音乐领域)。