JAY PARK 朴宰范 박재범

For over a decade, multi-platinum, Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park has been at the forefront of the K-pop movement that swept through Asia, before successfully cementing his place as an independent hip-hop and R&B artist recognized worldwide.

In 2013, Jay Park founded the leading independent hip-hop/urban label, AOMG, based in Seoul, South Korea. Active as both an artist and CEO, Jay founded AOMG with the intention of supporting and developing artists and producers organically, by focusing on their individual artistry first, over their commercialism. His methods have proven successful – within two years, AOMG artists have topped all mainstream music charts in South Korea and Asian regions.

This year Jay Park brings the international music community together with his newly minted label H1GHR MUSIC, which houses artists from various countries, and continues to support and influence tastemakers both mainstream and underground.

Originally hailing from Seattle, Jay’s musical roots grew out of his passion for dance. As a competitive b-boy, Jay developed a genuine enthusiasm for hip-hop music and culture. Jay has always held true to both his culturally American roots, while embracing his ethnically Korean roots. Due to his nuanced, multi-cultural understanding and open-mindedness, Jay has garnered respect domestically in Korea and beyond as a global music icon.

Jay Park‘s fourth studio album, Everything You Wanted, lands one year immediately after last year’s WORLDWIDE album. Receiving a warm reception in all territories, Everything You Wanted has charted as #3 on Billboard’s World Album Chart, #3 in iTunes U.S. R&B Chart, and various singles charting in Korea’s MelOn Chart.

With a vision to utilize his platform to support important social causes, Jay has partnered with cosmetics brand MAC and InStyle Magazine to support World AIDS Day 2016, with AOMG headlining the World AIDS Day Red Party in Seoul, and with W Magazine Korea for Breast Cancer Awareness. Recently former Vice President Al Gore invited Jay to participate in “24HoursofReality” to represent South Korea and Asia in an effort to promote a healthier world.


在过去的十多年中,作为多次获得白金专辑的美籍韩裔嘻哈艺人,Jay Park一直走在席卷亚洲的K-pop运动的最前沿,作为独立嘻哈以及R&B音乐人成功在全球范围内获得认可。

2013年,Jay Park在韩国首尔成立了领先的独立嘻哈/城市厂牌AOMG。作为一名艺术家和首席执行官,Jay Park创立AOMG的宗旨是希望可以更专注于艺人与制作人的个人艺术而非他们的商业化,从而有机地支持和发展艺人与制作人。而他的方法已被证明是成功的 – 在两年内,AOMG艺术家在韩国和亚洲地区的所有主流音乐排行榜上都名列前茅。

今年Jay Park将国际音乐与他的新厂牌H1GHR MUSIC结合在一起,该品牌来自不同国家的艺术家,并继续支持和影响主流和地下的品味制造者。

成长于西雅图,Jay Park 的音乐源于他对舞蹈的热情。作为一个有竞争力的B-Boy,Jay Park 对嘻哈音乐和文化产生了真正的热情。他在坚持他的文化美国根源的同时,也在融入他作为韩国人的背景。凭借其细致入微,多元文化的理解和开放的态度,Jay Park 在韩国及其他地区都赢得了他作为全球音乐偶像应得的尊重。

去年的 “WORLDWIDE”专辑发布一年后,Jay Park紧接着发布了第四张录音室专辑 “Everything You Wanted” ,并在所有地区受到热烈的反响,“Everything You Wanted” 在Billboard的世界专辑排行榜上排名第三,在iTunes美国R&B排行榜中排名第三,在韩国的MelOn排行榜上排名第一。

为了利用他的平台支持重要的社会事业,Jay Park 与化妆品品牌MAC和InStyle杂志合作, 支持2016年世界艾滋病日,携AOMG压轴出演了在首尔举办世界艾滋病日红色派对。与W Magazine Korea合作呼吁大众对于乳腺癌的意识。最近,前副总统戈尔邀请Jay Park参加“24小时真实”活动,代表韩国和亚洲,努力推动一个更健康的世界。