HHH 红花会

Hip-hop crew HHH takes its Chinese name, Hong Hua Hui (“the fellowship of the red flower”), from Jin Yong’s famous martial-arts novel The Book and the Sword. Founding member K9999 gave the group the name of the fictional fellowship to instill a sense of group unity and of an unstoppable battle to the end, and with these core ideals, HHH’s star has quickly risen in China’s hip-hop scene.

With a string of releases and diverse vocal styles among the group, HHH won over a huge following, establishing itself as one of the most representative groups of Mainland hip-hop. In 2016, HHH collaborated with Chinese pop star and actor Kris Wu of his song “July,” and that same year they contributed “Vicious” to the soundtrack for the film Blood of Youth.

This spring, HHH signed with Modern Sky’s hip-hop imprint MDSK, making waves as the first act to do so. They’ve spent the summer winning over new fans on festival stages and at packed gigs around the country.

“红花会”之名出自金庸首部小说《书剑恩仇录》, 创立者弹壳(K9999)取名意在团结坚定,战无不胜。以此为精神内核的说唱红花会以惊人的速度发展壮大。





弹壳k9999 / PG One / 啊之AZ / 丁飞F.Killa / 小白Brant / Dp / Mai

DJ: STAR 设计师:罔极