Best known in the West for his roles in Hong Kong films like Infernal Affairs, Vancouver born Edison Chen also put out a string of albums and mixtapes that blend rap and Cantopop. As a musician, he has collaborated with a roster of famous producers, including Sam Spiegel (N.A.S.A.), Grammy-winner James Fauntleroy, Brodinski, DJ Snake, and Nosaj Thing. An influential player in the fashion world as well, he co-founded the streetwear line, CLOT in 2003 and later created Clot Media Division, an artist management and production company. He’s one of the most recognized Asians in the world today, with more than 28 million followers on his Weibo and 2 million followers on Instagram.



香港一线艺人、音乐人、艺术家。他曾参与多部电影及发行多张唱片,在娱乐界为人 熟悉。他对创作充满热诚,喜爱及勇于作不同类型的尝试,令他在音乐与潮流界亦颇有名气。他亦参与不同单位及媒介的艺术创作,在艺术界上渐渐取得成就。
投身演艺界快将20年,陈冠希从来不会固步自封。他不断扩大个人音乐领域,与众多国际著名音乐制作人合作,当中包括Sam Spiegel (NASA)、格林美得奖作曲家James Fauntleroy、著名法国电音制作人及DJ Brodinski、炙手可热Dj Dj Snake、 以及美国电音制作人及DJ Nosaj Thing等。
透过创立凝结集团多媒体有限公司(Clot Media Division, CMD),这不仅巩固了他在娱乐界的地位,亦开展了他企业家之路。