For Chen Li, an independent musician, writing songs and singing is the core of her life.

In 2015, Chen Li released the album RuYe. She wrote all 15 songs, in her own unique style, a style which cannot be described in one word. These songs reflect her rich creativity and wonderful imagination, as well as her many inspirations.

That same year, Chen Li won the “Most Popular Folk Musician” award at the 5th Abilu Music Awards and the “Best Annual Rock Newcomer Award” at the Chinese Rock Midi Awards. The album RuYe won the “Most Popular Folk Songs” in the 5th Abilu Music Awards; Her song “I have everything but you” won many music awards such as “Annual Folk Songs” and “Most Popular Folk Singles” at the 5th Abilu Music Awards. This album not only caused a lot of sensation in the independent music circle, but also made Chen Li showed her outstanding talent in the independent music circle.

In 2017, Chen Li became one of the judges of Happy Boys and began to look for male singers that would surprise others like her. During the recording of the program, Chen Li and Mr. Li Jian and Luo Zhixiang, both of whom were also judges, led the outstanding players of their respective teams to participate in the recording of the Hunan Satellite TV show Happy Camp. This gained Chen Li more attention with fans. After Happy Boys, Chen Li gradually began to get more and more popular as an artist.


2015 年陈粒发布了专辑《如也》。这张专辑共收录了 15 首歌曲,包揽所有歌曲的音乐创作,风格迥异、独特,无法以一概论,从这些歌曲中可听出她丰沛的创作力与精彩的想象空间,以及她灵感四射无法抑制的多源喜好。 在2015 年,陈粒获得了第五届阿比鹿音乐奖“最受欢迎民谣音乐人”;中国摇滚迷笛奖“最佳年度摇滚新人奖”。专辑《如也》荣获 2015 第五届阿比鹿音乐奖“最受欢迎民谣唱片”;《奇妙能力歌》获得“年度民谣单曲”、“最受欢迎民谣单曲”奖项等多项音乐奖项,在独立音乐圈引起了不小的轰动,也让陈粒在独立音乐圈崭露头角。2017 年,陈粒成为《快乐男声》的音乐召唤师,开始寻找如她一样能给人惊喜的音乐灵魂。在节目录制期间,陈粒与同为音乐召唤师 的李健老师、罗志祥老师带领各自战队的优秀选手参与了湖南卫视《快乐大本营》的节目录制。这也让更多的观众开始关注并且了解 陈粒。在《快乐男声》之后,陈粒也渐渐开始更多地走向大众视野。