BewhY is a rapper who cannot be missed in the current hip-hop scene, combining original live rap style and excellent live performance. He made his debut with Mixtape Be The Livest in 2012 and released his album Waltz in 2014.

After that, he won his final title at Mnet’s Show me the Money 5 in 2016, and his name was imprinted as the most noteworthy rapper. He was awarded the best Korean rap music & hip hop song in 2017 with “Forever” (produced by Gray).

He is on a chart for every album and participates in various movies and dramas. He is continuing his own music that is as steady and original as the nickname “Monster rapper”.

BewhY是嘻哈圈不可错过的一道风景。凭借过人的现场演出跟rap实力,BewhY在2012年以 <Be The Livest> mixtape出道,并在2014年发表了单曲专辑<Waltz>

在这之后,2016年,参加Mnet制作的 《Show Me The Money 5》 , BewhY 毫无争议的的获得了当届冠军,并被评为最值得瞩目的说唱歌手。2017年,凭借跟Gray合作的单曲《Forever》, BewhY斩获了2017年最佳韩文说唱音乐单曲将。