9m88, also known as Baba, is a New York–based, Taiwan-raised singer-songwriter and artist. Born in 1990, 9m88 is a jazz vocal major in The New School’s jazz and contemporary music program. Her musical vocabulary leans in the direction of soul, R&B, and jazz, while her lyrics mostly tell tragic and sarcastic love stories or help to raise a voice for women’s rights.   

As 9m88’s profile has grown among the younger generation, music producers, critics, and record labels in Asia have taken notice. Her versatile talent in music, styling, and visual aesthetics have helped her fan base stretch from Taiwan to the rest of the world.


9m88,出生於1990,在台北台灣長大。現居紐約,於The New School Jazz and Contemporary Music 學習爵士演唱。一直以來深深著迷各種GROOVE音樂,她的創作夾帶著爵士,R&B,嘻哈的語彙。內容多半以諷刺口吻訴說自己幽默且悲劇式的愛情故事,以及女性為主的題材。近期,9m88開始備受年輕族群的喜愛。製作人、樂評人、以及唱片公司也開始肯定她的潛力。她在音樂、服裝造型、還有視覺美感上多元的才華也為她吸引到許多忠實的粉絲。我們慢慢可以看到,9m88的聽眾已從台灣延伸到世界各地。